CherryBot Media 

Cherrybot Media is a professional multimedia production studio founded by Keridan Elliott.

Over the past 20 years Keridan has worked as a Lead Artist, Rigging Lead, FX Artist and Animation TD for Film, Games and Commercial studios across the United States and Canada.

Specializing in 3D character modeling, rigging, and technical animation for all media formats. 
He is is passionate about the art of bringing believable character to life for Film, Commercials, Games, VR/AR, Theme Park / Ride Entertainment, Dark Rides

Experience & Clients include : Framestore Pictures, Amazon Studios, Insomniac Games, Epic Games, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Core Studio, Electronic Arts, Laika, Behaviour.

Currently accepting contracts for custom character rigging, technical animation, and simulation.

Combining 3D Animation, cutting edge Video, and Web Design to deliver innovative and attention grabbing marketing solutions using the latest production technologies.

Gaining a unique and wide range of artistic and technical experiences while working at many of the top Visual FX , Game and Animation studios in the U.S. , he has recently formed his own company called Cherrybot Media located in Raleigh, NC. This exciting new studio focuses on bringing 3D characters into your productions using the latest techniques and tools. Also equipped with robotic camera technology to offer aerial shoots, steadicam, 3-axis motion control, animation , green screen and visual effects -- all to bring your story to life.



Keridan Elliott

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